Posted on: May 4, 2017

Wildfire Season Requires Caution and Common Sense

Wildfire season is starting. Are you firewise?

The Arizona spring has given a jumpstart to an early fire season. The spring weather has treated the area well until the last week of April when the wind picked up and began drying desert fuels, which are in abundance from the wet winter and early spring rains. 

Wickenburg Fire Department has responded to numerous small fires in the area and has sent resources to some of the bigger fires throughout the state already. The Arizona deserts are already dry, and the winter rainfall has given the desert floor a nice blanket of fuel  that will align the potential for a busy (possibly extreme) fire season for this area as well as neighboring communities and federal and state fire agencies in the area. 

Remember to use extreme caution and common sense when enjoying outdoor activities during the summer months. Some local restrictions are in place within our area in regards to open burning. As the temperature continues to climb statewide, restrictions will be implemented and will remain until weather determines. The restrictions can be accessed on the Arizona Division of Forestry and Fire Management website dffm.az.gov. 

Wickenburg Fire Department cooperates with all area agencies in fire suppression and fuel reduction, along with training and special operations. WFD fire units mix and mingle with the federal units from the neighboring station operated by the Bureau of Land Management. All agencies would like to remind homeowners to create defensible space in and around their properties to ensure safe and effective fire suppression as well as saving property in the event of fire. 

These defensible space areas are suggested 50 feet clear space around structures in light fuel, and 100 feet plus in heavier fuel areas.  WFD offers property surveys for homeowners to look at areas of their property and offer fuel reduction ideas. The non-emergency number to the station is (928) 668-0567 to set up a site visit from WFD crews.

 The start of fire season involves a lot of moving parts and cooperation with many agencies. All agencies are working together to provide the best service for our citizens. 

The Arizona summer is a beautiful time, and with safety in mind and common sense in place, it can be enjoyed by all. WFD and cooperating agencies wish the community well this summer and are always ready to serve in any capacity for our citizens. 

Stay safe and stay hydrated.

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