ICE Your Cell Phone In Case of Emergency

In Case of EmergencyThe officers of the Wickenburg Police Department ask you to "ICE" your cell phone. Your cell phone can help emergency responders and healthcare workers to identify you and notify your loved ones. Just program your cell phone's contact list with the code word "ICE" (In Case of Emergency):
  1. Open your cell phone contact list to create a new entry.
  2. Enter the word ICE with the name and number of the person you would like contacted in an emergency.
  3. To list multiple contacts name the entries ICE 1, ICE 2, ICE 3. Examples: ICE 1-Husband-Tom, ICE 2-Mother-Mary, ICE 3-Son-Joe
Help Emergency Workers
Emergency workers look for the code word ICE when they turn on your phone. Help them help you! Program your phone today! The purpose of this program is to assist emergency workers and first responders. All others should call 911 when encountering an emergency situation.