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Applies To:

  • New Residential Construction
  • New Commercial Construction
  • Manufactured/Mobile Home Placement
  • Building/room additions
  • Garage, Storage, Shed, Awning, Deck
  • Carport, Vehicle Shade, Breezeway, Patio
  • Swimming Pool, Spa
  • Retaining Wall over 18”, Fence over 6’, Pool barrier fencing
  • Grading, Demolition
  • Electrical, Plumbing, Gas Line, Mechanical Work

What You Need to Submit (Electronic Submittals Preferred):

  • Completed (Paper Submittals only) Application Form
    • Include Assessor parcel number, Owner’s name & address, Contractor name & address
    • Include valuation of project (labor & materials to complete project)
    • Brief description of project
  • Complete Site/Plot Plan
    • All parcel property lines (include all dimensions in feet), location of new dwelling/structure in relation to property lines and neighbor’s structures.
    • Show grading, drainage, water retention for property
  • Owner Builder Statement - if applicable
    • Owner Builder Statement signed by owner.
  • Contractor Statement
    • Complete name of company, phone, license number and expiration date
    • Contractor Building Statement signed by contractor and listing Sub Contractors
  • Construction plans (2 sets if paper submittal) (commercial plans need to be stamped by a licensed architect). One set will be returned to you with the approved permit if you are submitting a paper submittal.
    • Plans in ¼” scale
    • Details showing footings, wall construction section from footing to roof
    • Framing, truss calculations, foundation and electrical detail must be on plans
    • Compliance with Energy Conservation Codes
    • Electrical load calculations
    • Water fixture units calculations, plumbing isometrics, if applicable gas line isometrics
    • Mechanical calculations comply with Manual J & D

Certificate of Occupancy

The Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained through the Community Development Department located at 553 West Wickenburg Way in the Town of Wickenburg or by emailing  You will need to provide the use classification, type of construction, zoning, contact information for the owner of the building, and the mailing address for the owner, the legal description, building address, location, and value.

Grading Permit Requirements

  •  Completed Application (all spaces with an “X” must be filled in)
  • 2 sets of plans to include the following 
    • A general information sheet to include such things as property information, project location and floodplain (if applicable) 
    • A plan showing the Topographic information at a 2 foot contour, property lines and location of excavation on the property with the amount of cut and fill proposed 
    • A pre-grading plan showing the flow of drainage on the property and the surrounding area 
    • A post grading plan showing the flow of drainage on the property and the effects on surrounding properties.

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